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Darwinism as modified by the findings of modern genetics.

Ne′o-Dar·win′i·an (-där-wĭn′ē-ən) adj.
Ne′o-Dar′win·ist n.


(Biology) the modern version of the Darwinian theory of evolution, which incorporates the principles of genetics to explain how inheritable variations can arise by mutation
ˌNeo-Darˈwinian adj, n


(ˌni oʊˈdɑr wɪˌnɪz əm)

a modification of Darwin's theory of evolution holding that species evolve by natural selection acting on genetic variation.
ne`o-Dar′win•ist, n.


the theory that maintains natural selection to be the major factor in plant and animal evolution and denies the possibility of inheriting acquired characteristics. — Neo-Darwinist, n., adj. — Neo-Darwinian, n., adj.
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Noun1.neo-Darwinism - a modern Darwinian theory that explains new species in terms of genetic mutations
Darwinism - a theory of organic evolution claiming that new species arise and are perpetuated by natural selection
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There is a school of Neo-Darwinist scholars working on underlying "innate" or hardwired human preferences (e.
Darwinism" takes on the neo-Darwinist ideology, always distinguishing between actual science and the polemical popularization of oversimplified views.
Howard starts with the observation that much of the recent debate involving religion and the theory of evolution has been marked by a shrill tone, set by neo-Darwinist atheists like Richard Dawkins, to whom the pseudo-scientific claims of both evangelical and Islamic creationists lend credibility.
Robert Trivers, perhaps this country's leading neo-Darwinist, who wrote the introduction to [Richard] Dawkins's breakout book, The Selfish Gene, nonetheless is annoyed with what he calls his colleagues 'evangelical atheism.
Yet, social Darwinist and neo-Darwinist assumptions continue to hold a place "among the great, sad, epochal insights that we say have made us modern" (107).
Lack was the ornithologist and ecologist who contributed a great deal to the neo-Darwinist synthesis.
The arch neo-Darwinist Richard Dawkins defines the gene in structuralist, even deconstructive terms.
While doing his Masters degree in plant physiology at McGill he became deeply dissatisfied with the neo-Darwinist interpretation of evolution for its failure to acknowledge the coherence, self-organising power and creativity of organisms.
David Ray Griffin, for example, identifies no fewer than fifteen tenets of neo-Darwinism, and hints darkly at a conspiracy on the part of journal editors and research funders to enforce a neo-Darwinist orthodoxy.
These paradigms--Marxist, feminist, psychoanalytic, and deconstructionist--so the argument of The Literary Animal runs, are derived from a "social constructionist hypothesis" which has been disproved by neo-Darwinist philosophers and scientists, most prominently E.