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n.1.Same as Romaic.
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Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Jamaican Patois, Limonese Creole, Romani, Vlax, Danubian, Sureth, Suryaya Swadaya A type of Romani Cornish, Bororo Spoken in lowland Scotland and parts of Ulster Other types of Greek language A Norman language EXTINCT Alderney French, Manx, Norn, Old Kentish sign language, Polari Scottish Gaelic Scots Scots Irish Manx Manx It was spoken the Isle of Man but is today extinct Welsh Cornish Guernsey French Jersey French Calabrian Greek, Ellinika , Graecae, Romaic, Neo-Hellenic, Guernsey French, Jersey French, Jerriais, Sark French
After regressing chronologically to look at Persian, Latin and Jewish sources, the book tunas to the much-discussed Exodus to Italy and the creation of the post-Byzantine world, relations with the Slavic Churches and the Greek (or Neo-Hellenic) Enlightenment.
"We shall never accept that we are the last generation of Greek Cypriots on the island to host Homeric, classical Byzantine and neo-Hellenic traditions.