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 (nē′ō-măl-tho͞o′zhə-nĭz′əm, -môl-)
A doctrine advocating control of population growth.

Ne′o-Mal·thu′sian adj. & n.
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The last three movies in the MCU have all boasted well-drawn antagonists with complex and believable motives, from the neo-Malthusian philosophy of Thanos, to the misguided proletarianism of Michael Keaton's Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming , to the twisted Afrocentrism of Michael B Jordan's Killmonger in Black Panther .
Who can doubt that Paul VI was prescient in warning against the moral dangers of neo-Malthusian ethics?
In the last few years, however, this neo-Malthusian picture of an oil-starved world has taken a backseat, with the price of petroleum falling by more than 40 percent in the second half of 2014 and remaining subdued thereafter.
Despite these radical positions, Toye writes that Keynes was "much more of a neo-Malthusian and a Social Darwinist than Marshall ever was." (13) Keynes spoke with sophistication by referring to early growth and fertility statistics.
In the following text, "The Utopian Unconscious," Luis Trindade brings a valuable contribution to contemporary understandings of utopia by promoting an unprecedented critical juncture; in dialogue with Fredric Jameson's concept of the "political unconscious" Trindade proposes a new concept: the "utopian unconscious." "Everyday Forms of Utopia" by Diogo Duarte is another essay that highlights the critical role of utopia and also the presence of dystopia on the horizon, as it analyses the development of neo-Malthusian thinking and the dilution of its utopian project.
The report spawned neo-Malthusian policy prescriptions to restrict consumption, shrink the birth rate, and bring mankind into balance with the natural world.
Well, it is not true; it is not a fact, and beyond conveying a highly speculative opinion that may contain an implicitly neo-Malthusian view of the country's poor, we really do not learn anything.
Her commitment to neo-Malthusian advocacy of birth control was still developing when, following her acquittal in the Knowlton case, news reports began to reveal the horrors of a massive famine in India.
The rapid expansion of China's population from 1949 to the late 1970s stoked the flames of neo-Malthusian demographers.
I remember that in the late '60s a neo-Malthusian theory was popular among some intellectuals.
He merely sets up the straw men of Neo-Malthusian, Peak Earther, or Luddite and demands that those opposing growth identify with one of the only supposed categories of those opposed to unlimited growth.
Most of all, he was one of the better-known faces of the neo-Malthusian movement, having published a vast number of pacifist pamphlets denouncing the link between unchecked human reproduction and war.