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 (nē′ō-măl-tho͞o′zhə-nĭz′əm, -môl-)
A doctrine advocating control of population growth.

Ne′o-Mal·thu′sian adj. & n.
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the belief that the use of contraceptives as a means of lowering the population will eliminate such adverse elements as vice and elevate the Standard of living. — Neo-Malthusian, n., adj.
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Yet a signature feature of her political writing was an embrace of neo-Malthusianism. Over the course of her activist life, Besant redirected her attention from poverty and women's health in Britain to contraception as the solution to starvation and overpopulation in India.
and to oppose present and future neo-Malthusianism."
According to Francis, Pope Paul VI had the "courage to take a stand against the majority, to defend moral discipline, to exercise a cultural restraint, to oppose present and future neo-Malthusianism." Unfortunately, the majority he stood against was the birth control commission's bishops, priests, theologians and lay couples who affirmed that change in church teaching on contraception was totally possible.
The first, 'Anarchist Bodies', deals mostly with the question of Neo-Malthusianism and eugenics.
In between Nixon's paranoia and the rise of Thatcher and Islamo-fundamentalism, there were guerrilla warfare, strikes, conspiracies and also conspiracy theories, green extremism, the rise of neo-Malthusianism, an increase in state surveillance, a new era of "claustrophobic cinema," punk, nihilism, and a general, free-floating feeling of fear and dread that, Wheen says, was best expressed by Chair man Mao's wife in 1971: "I have been feeling as if I am going to die any minute, as if some catastrophe is about to happen tomorrow.
What has been lacking is a programme to deal with them that does not slip into the neo-Malthusianism of calls for a vastly reduced global population or an end to development.
Just don't talk to me about biomes, thermodynamics, the principles of ecological science, or neo-Malthusianism. If I hear another word on any of these subjects, I'll scream.
Thanks to that grounding, he knew the doctrine of anti-natal Malthusianism, or neo-Malthusianism, to be patently ahistorical.
After all, the Institute is the brainchild of its creator, Lester Brown, a leading modern-day guru of neo-Malthusianism that views technology as a panacea for almost every economic ill, including, of course, environmental problems.
Its authors focus attention on three paradigms that have dominated research and interpretation in the past century: neo-Malthusianism; Marxism; and commercialization.
According to the research of Gregory Claeys's studies about the utopic expressions in literature and essay at the end of the XIX century in England, the utopic discourse could be interpreted as the consequence of a mix with Social Darwinism, which is represented by Galton, who was Darwin's nephew, and Neo-Malthusianism. Two special versions of utopic texts have been recognized in the period between 1875 and 1905: (a) the prophetic perspective represented by H.G.
Schooyans shows that the root of the problem lies in an anti-life neo-malthusianism, and an anti-human ecological ideology exemplified by the "pragmatic" politics of Henry Kissinger in his famous NSSM/200 Report.