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Back in the late 1970s, Netanyahu convened many of these same thinkers to Israel for a summit at the Jonathan Institute - an event that some have called the birth of the American neo-conservative movement.
And today, by virtue of who it is hosting, the neighborhood hangout is also dedicated to exposing 9/11 as a "deception imposed on our nation by the Israeli/Zionist and Neo-Conservative cabal that controls our government and media.
When the Iraq war failed to achieve any of its objectives, thus signaling an American retreat in the Middle East, neo-conservative politicians like Bolton retreated to their right-wing, neo-conservative institutions.
Neo-Conservative Threats to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the European Union
The origins of accountability reform in schools can be found in the confluence of business, government, conservative, and neo-conservative politicians and educators and the religious right, says Evans, and these groups have contributed to developing a mainstream consensus in support of reform fueled by naAve notions of school practice and improvements.
Daniel Pipes, one of the US neo-conservative activists in Washington's main Jewish lobby, wrote in The Washington Times of Jan.
Despite the virulent attacks emanating mainly from the leading lights of the neo-conservative movement and right wing pro-Israel groups, President Obama did nominate Hagel to be his next Secretary of Defence.
Zionist and neo-conservative (neo-Trotskyite) sanctions should make it clear to all patriotic Iranians that they need to unite to fight these evil totalitarians (i.
presents the first full-length study in English of Mou (1909-95), a major thinker in the neo-conservative philosophical and cultural movement known as New Confucianism or Dangdai Xin Rujia.
These attacks are not born of economic necessity, but of a stubborn commitment to a neo-conservative political ideology, which has repeatedly failed people the world over.
Other ministers, including Chancellor George Osborne and Foreign Secretary William Hague, face pointed questions too over their relationships with Atlantic Bridge, a neo-conservative front which brought together hardline British and US politicians.
But I expect Stephen Harper, having captured the centre of Canadian politics, will prefer to settle in and muddle through (like a Mitchell Sharp Liberal) rather than revert to neo-conservative zealotry.