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1. Any of a group of British workers who between 1811 and 1816 rioted and destroyed laborsaving textile machinery in the belief that such machinery would diminish employment.
2. One who opposes technical or technological change.

[After Ned Ludd, an English laborer who was supposed to have destroyed weaving machinery around 1779.]

Lud′dism n.
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1. (Historical Terms) any of the textile workers opposed to mechanization who rioted and organized machine-breaking between 1811 and 1816
2. any opponent of industrial change or innovation
(Historical Terms) of or relating to the Luddites
[C19: alleged to be named after Ned Ludd, an 18th-century Leicestershire workman, who destroyed industrial machinery]
ˈLuddism n
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(ˈlʌd aɪt)

1. a member of any of various bands of workers in England (1811–16) who destroyed industrial machinery in the belief that its use diminished employment.
2. any opponent of new technologies or of technological change.
[1805–15; after Ned Ludd, 18th-century Leicestershire worker who originated the idea; see -ite1]
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Noun1.Luddite - any opponent of technological progress
adversary, antagonist, opposer, resister, opponent - someone who offers opposition
2.Luddite - one of the 19th century English workmen who destroyed laborsaving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
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A. ADJludita, ludista
B. Nludita mf, ludista mf
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(Hist, fig)
nMaschinenstürmer m
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[ˈlʌdaɪt] n & adj (frm) → luddista (m/f)
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A neo-Luddite. Analog guy in a digital world, but even so, please.
The terror was that every degree of independence given to machines would increase the possible defiance of our wishes: "The genii in the bottle will not willingly go back in the bottle, nor have we any reason to expect them to be well disposed to us."These were not views expressed recently by some neo-Luddite. They were opinions from the late 1940s of one of the pioneers of the information age, Norbert Wiener, known as the father of cybernetics.
Think John Connor in Terminator, leading a neo-luddite revolution.
But they and others have done a disservice to the public - and have unquestionably given aid and comfort to an increasingly pervasive neo-Luddite impulse in society today - by demonizing AI in the popular imagination."
To book, call 01342 316 900 and quote 'dealchecker' or go to ACCORDING to a recent digital trends report, having all the latest gadgets is so 2014 2015 is the year of the 'neo-Luddite'.
With the Toffler's quotation, are there any differences between Cyber-Luddite and Neo-Luddite? The author believes there are.
The "neo-Luddite" group who kick-start the plot by trying to assassinate our hero aren't exactly evil (they even have a teenage kid in their ranks), while the global reach of the internet has a sinister aspect.
productivity over the past decade and the large expected rise in retirees over the next quarter century, the most important thing policymakers can do is support innovations that "automate the jobs that already exist." Stoking neo-Luddite fears of technology-induced joblessness is a step in the wrong direction.
Conrad Crane, it genuinely saddens me to see his new essay, "The Lure of Strike." Here we have a distinguished historian becoming, in essence, an "interservice hit man," and chief spokesperson for the Army's small but burgeoning neo-Luddite wing.
For his work he has been both praised and condemned; the condemnation has frequently taken the form of an attack on Ellul for allegedly being an "anti-technology, neo-luddite pessimist." Disregarding both the flattery and the attacks, Ellul has devoted himself to making manifest the latent structures of technology.
According to the gunman's near neighbour and occasional drinking partner Pete King, Holmes "idolised" Ted Kaczynsky, 'Unabomber', the self-styled -"Neo-Luddite survivalist" who terrorised America with a mail bomb campaign.