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A Protestant movement that arose during World War I and is closely associated with Karl Barth. It opposes liberalism and advocates certain theological, especially Calvinist doctrines of the Reformation.

ne′o-or′tho·dox′ adj.


(Protestantism) a movement in 20th-century Protestantism, reasserting certain older traditional Christian doctrines
ˌneo-ˈorthodox adj
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Although the social ethicist regarded Graham's revivalist faith as simplistic, Niebuhr's neo-orthodox theology and Graham's neo-evangelicalism functioned within public discourse in significantly similar ways.
After serving pastorates in Pennsylvania, and Missouri, Schaeffer departed for Europe hoping to tussle with the neo-orthodox theology of Karl Barth.
A key feature of the approach presented in this paper is the effort that this important exponent of the neo-orthodox theology made in order to create a melange between the theological discourse and the cultural humanistic one.
His latest book is The Neo-Orthodox Theology of Walter W.