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1. Formation of new tissue.
2. Formation of a neoplasm or neoplasms.


(Medicine) an abnormal growth of tissue, the development of a neoplasm, or the process that results in the production of a neoplasm or tumour


(ˌni oʊˈpleɪ ʒə, -ʒi ə, -zi ə)

the formation and growth of neoplasms.


the abnormal proliferation of benign or malignant cells. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Cancer
the growth or formation of a neoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Growth
the growth or formation of aneoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Body, Human
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Noun1.neoplasia - the pathological process that results in the formation and growth of a tumor
pathologic process, pathological process - an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease


n. neoplasia, formación de neoplasmas.


n neoplasia (proceso)
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Metalloproteinases play a significant part in neoplastic processes due to their contribution to local tumour invasion and formation of distant metastases, as well as to angiogenesis.
organizing and conducting among the elderly and people with disabilities living in the Shklov region, Mogilev region learning skills of self-breast examination for early detection of cancer and other neoplastic processes, training works tonometry, basic skills in first aid, care at home, the rules of correct power, motor mode, dealing with stress (at least 400 people of the target group who received information and training services in the month)
Similar oral features can occur in numerous other settings including infection by fungi and unusual bacteria, traumatic aphthous or herpetic ulcers, neoplastic processes such as Hodgkin's disease, Kaposi sarcoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.
Papillary lesions comprise a diverse group of breast lesions that span the spectrum of hyperplastic and neoplastic processes.
Vernygorodskyi explained, "I chose to focus on this particular topic for my research because the metaplasia and dysplasia of the stomach mucosa in pre-tumor and neoplastic processes and their relationships with H.
Lymphosarcoma is one of the most common neoplastic processes affecting birds.
Imaging of the submandibular glands can provide vital information about malignant neoplastic processes.
Tumors of central nervous system have unique characteristics that set them apart from neoplastic processes elsewhere in the body.
4) This variant generally presents radiologically as multifocal, bilateral ill-defined nodules that mimic airspace disease and/ or neoplastic processes.
FDG PET that allows assessment of glucose consumption, which typically is increased in neoplastic processes.
Primary lesions can be derived from follicular, C-cell (parafollicular), or mesenchymal components and may be the result of reactive or neoplastic processes, including post-fine-needle aspiration spindle cell nodules,1 Riedel thyroiditis, solitary fibrous tumour,2 leiomyoma, peripheral nerve sheath tumour, hyalinizing trabecular tumour, spindle epithelial tumour with thymus-like differentiation, follicular dendritic cell tumour, medullary carcinoma,3 papillary carcinoma, anaplastic carcinoma,4 sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and carcinoma showing thymus-like differentiation.