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Noun1.Neopolitan - a resident of NaplesNeopolitan - a resident of Naples      
Naples, Napoli - a port and tourist center in southwestern Italy; capital of the Campania region
Italian - a native or inhabitant of Italy
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Music, psychology and business may seem worlds apart, but they blend beautifully to make the unique neopolitan blend that is Amanda Cherie.
It includes classics such as Neopolitan Wafers, Raspberry Ripple Soft Scoop Ice Cream and Raspberry Ripple Screwballs.
Some of his notable artworks were the oil in canvas paintings A Neopolitan villager (1864), The Adoration of the Cross on Good Friday (1880), and Checkmate (1887), among others.
It's hard to say a restaurant has done a 'first', so when Akiba Dori, a restaurant in Dubai Design District, revealed it had the city's first Tokyo-style Neopolitan pizzas through the 'Tokyopolitan' brand - people took notice.
He and his wife, Cristina, own two of the vendorships--Bocca Pizzeria, which makes the pies in the simple Neopolitan style, and Whisk, a creperie.
The nominees (left to right): Porta, Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Rudy's Neopolitan Pizza, Bundobust, GRUB
| Before the world fell in love with Scandi-noir literature, there was the Neopolitan saga of My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante.
Last year the title was won by a 125-pound gentle giant named Martha, a Neopolitan Mastiff with a droopy face.
The suspect, who was fatally shot at the Neopolitan Jogging Place in Barangay Greater Lagro at around 2:45 a.m, has yet to be identified.
This Sotogrande is poised to rise within the Neopolitan Business Park, a masterplanned complex in Quezon City.
With a glass of red - there's a 22/- Tremendous Neopolitan pizzas.