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Noun1.Neopolitan - a resident of NaplesNeopolitan - a resident of Naples      
Naples, Napoli - a port and tourist center in southwestern Italy; capital of the Campania region
Italian - a native or inhabitant of Italy
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This Sotogrande is poised to rise within the Neopolitan Business Park, a masterplanned complex in Quezon City.
Barangay Greater Lagro - Centennial Park Plaza Open space Flores De Mayo Street, Open Multi-Purpose Court La Mesa Dum, Open space near Club House Neopolitan, Villa Vienna Open space Entrance Gate, Plaza Open space La Mesa Heights intersection of Mindanao Ave.
Port St Beer House BEST RESTAURANT | Hispi, Didsbury | Where The Light Gets In, Stockport | Adam Reid at The French, Manchester | Allotment, Stockport | Hawksmoor, Manchester BEST CASUAL DINING | Bundobust, Manchester | Rudy's Neopolitan Pizza, Ancoats | Porta, Altrincham | Tender Cow, Mackie Mayor | Chapati Cafe, Chorlton BEST EXHIBITION | True Faith at Manchester Art Gallery (MIF) | What Is The City But The People?
The new LHIO Fairview is located at the OWS Building, Lot 19, Block 237, Neopolitan 4 Subdivision, Barangay Pasong Putik in Quezon City.
With a glass of red - there's a 22/- Tremendous Neopolitan pizzas.
Neopolitan Mastiff and Old English Sheep dog showed larger tapetal area with OD in tapetum.
From cooking whole food dishes to producing such fare as a cauliflower, olive and caper Neopolitan Christmas Salad, crisp potato pancake Latkes, and Green Curry Vegetable Stew, Plant Based Cookbook is packed with flavor, profiles many dishes that can be assembled in under 30 minutes, and is filled with international influences and flavors to delight even the most avid meat-based eater.
This weekend we have more than seven different Neopolitan style pizzas which will be cooked in a wood-fired artisan oven, ranging from classic to unusual.
The record for the world's largest litter of puppies is currently held by a Cambridgeshire Neopolitan mastiff, called Tia, who gave birth to 24 puppies in 2004.