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 (nē′ō-prŏt′ər-ə-zō′ĭk, -prō′tər-)
Of, relating to, or being the most recent of the three eras of the Proterozoic Eon, from approximately 1.0 billion to 542 million years ago, marked by the formation of extensive glaciers reaching as far south as the equator and the first appearance of multicellular life. See Table at geologic time.
The Neoproterozoic Era.
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Our fluid inclusion data indicate a marked dissimilarity between quartz-carbonate veinlets from the Neoproterozoic basement (sample P5) and those occurring within the Carboniferous strata (sample P12).
Two years ago, after discovering widely fluctuating carbon isotope ratios in rocks from that so-called Neoproterozoic era, Paul F.
This study draws on mapping within the Blue Ridge of Alabama, a terrane composed of Neoproterozoic metaclastic and metavolcanic rocks intruded by Paleozoic granitoid plutons.
Especially, during the Indosinian-Early Yanshanian period, tectonic-magmatic activities caused the upwelling of the mantle materials, the mantle materials interacted with the previous crust materials (such as the rock series of Archean Jiaodong Group and Neoproterozoic Linglong granite) existing in the lithosphere, then formed a crust-mantle mixed-source type of magma, i.
Detrital zircons from modern sands in New England and the timing of Neoproterozoic to Mesozoic magmatism.
Gold mineralization within the Neoproterozoic Schist Greywacke Complex (SGC) which is the largest domain in the CIZ is mainly presented by quartz veins with complex sulphide deposition: frequently massive stibnite (Mari Rosa deposit), Fe-As sulphides, W minerals and more rarely Cu-Pb-Zn sulphides (Sarzedas and Pomar deposits) (Murphy and Roberts, 1997; Shepherd, 1993).
The geotectonic setting during the onset of volcanism in the Svaty Jan Volcanic Centre could be characterized on the basis of geochemistry and well-documented existence of the Neoproterozoic crust (Dorr et al.
Geology, petrology, and geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic volcano plutonic rock association of the Indian Shield extension in Pakistan.
Variations in Sr and C isotopes and Ce anomalies in successions from China: evidence for the oxygenation of Neoproterozoic seawater?
The Hawsons Iron Project covers the entire known outcrop in NSW of the Neoproterozoic Braemar Iron Formation, which is highly prospective for bulk magnetite iron mineralisation and contains the Hawsons Iron Prospect discovered in 2009.
During the late Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian, fundamental changes to global plate motions were accompanied by the final breakup of Rodinia and the amalgamation of Gondwana.