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(ˌni oʊˈri kən)

also Nuyorican

1. a Puerto Rican living in New York or one who has lived in New York and returned to Puerto Rico.
2. of or pertaining to Neoricans.
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1) The terms Neorican and Nuyorican have been frequently used to identify Puerto Ricans born or raised in the United States, although at the beginning they carried some negative connotations.
As these texts frequently have a larger referentiality of the barrio, female experience, exile or immigran t life, and universal human striving, so too does the Mohr text, which is at once a set of deeply personal musings and a metaphor for NeoRican experience.
For the Puerto Rican and the NeoRican in New York/New Jersey, too, the border between the Caribbean island and the North American mainland is, in several senses, a porous one.
Yet, as he explains, "el poeta neoyorrican transforma el viejo mito de Puerto Rico como eden perdido y lo convierte en una utopia interna" ["the neorican poet transforms the previous myth of Puerto Rico as a lost eden into an internal utopia"] (Barradas 1988: 74).
No deberiamos imponernos nuevas barreras como la situacion de racismo y xenofobia entre haitianos y dominicanos, entre dominicanos y puertorriquenos, entre migrantes del retorno, dominicanos, haitianos y puertorriquenos a quienes en el caso de los puertorriquenos les colocamos el epiteto de neoricans.
As Rivero puts it: "The closer [Cuban-American writers] get to an appreciation of minority life in American society, and the more they empathize with Chicanos and Neoricans, the more alienated they become with respect to their original `exile culture'" (187).