Neotoma fuscipes

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Noun1.Neotoma fuscipes - host to Lyme disease tick (Ixodes pacificus) in northern California
bushytail woodrat, Neotoma cinerea, trade rat, pack rat, packrat - any of several bushy-tailed rodents of the genus Neotoma of western North America; hoards food and other objects
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miyamotoi infects woodrats (Neotoma fuscipes), brush mice (Peromyscus boylii), and California mice (P.
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We also captured Dusky-footed Woodrats (Neotoma fuscipes), House Mice (Mus musculus), Townsend's Voles (Microtus townsendii), a Trowbridge's Shrew (Sorex trowbridgii), a Vagrant Shrew (S.
Distribution of the dusky-footed woodrat, Neotoma fuscipes Baird, in Klamath and Lake Counties, Oregon.
Effects of the microclimate on parasitic nest mites of the dusky footed wood rat, Neotoma fuscipes Baird.
Dusky-footed wood rats (Neotoma fuscipes) along the west coast of Mexico and the United States leave nibbled bits of bay leaves around their sleeping chambers, explains Richard B.
Two San Joaquin Valley Mammals Two mammals endemic to California's San Joaquin Valley, the riparian brush rabbit (Sylvilagus bachmani riparius) and the riparian or San Joaquin Valley woodrat (Neotoma fuscipes riparia), were listed on February 23 as endangered.
auduboni), and rodents (Dipodomys agilis, Peromyscus spp., Neotoma fuscipes, Perognathus californicus, Reithrodontomys megalotis).
Genetic relatedness and spatial associations of dusky-footed woodrats (Neotoma fuscipes).
Other rodent species, such as the House Mouse (Mus musculus) and Dusky-footed Woodrat (Neotoma fuscipes) were preyed upon only occassionally (Table 2).
musculus PRNA035 Sigmodontinae Peromyscus spp., Neotoma fuscipes PRNA032 Didelphis Didelphis virginiana PRNA048 Mephitis Mephitis mephitis * The reaction was confirmed by using 2 tissue samples.