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The areas that make up the Neotropical biogeographic region.


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the tropical region of Central and South America
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They are attaching to these migratory birds during the winter in the Neotropics, and stay attached up to a week," said Hamer, assistant professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University.
The most common families of upland birds in the site are tinamous and doves, which are popular gamebirds across the Neotropics.
However, similar to the situation for many arboviruses found in the Neotropics, limited systematic surveillance for GROV in rural communities contributes to a lack of information regarding the ecology and actual effect of GROV on public health.
Subgenus Rhopalotricha occurs in the Neotropics, islands of the southwestern Pacific (Samoa, Fiji, and Vanuatu), New Zealand, and Australia.
Brumfield and his colleagues examined the genealogy of 27 species of birds in the most bio-diverse region in the world, the Neotropics, which extends from southern Mexico through Central America to southern Brazil and includes the Amazon rainforest.
Conditions in the humid neotropics are not those of the arid Nile Valley, and archaeological evidence is clear about the fact that the stone-faced platform is a ubiquitous device which served to raise living and working surfaces above the ground.
Sexual Selection: Perspectives and Models from the Neotropics
This region encompasses the Neotropics, the temperate areas of South America, and a great portion of the arid lands of North America.
There are 1100 known species of sheep flies, with 228 species in the Neotropics, Africa and southern Europe.