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1. Having sediment or foreign particles stirred up or suspended; muddy: turbid water.
2. Heavy, dark, or dense, as smoke or fog.
3. In a state of turmoil; muddled: turbid feelings.

[Latin turbidus, disordered, from turba, turmoil, probably from Greek turbē.]

tur′bid·ly adv.
tur′bid·ness, tur·bid′i·ty n.
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Noun1.turbidity - muddiness created by stirring up sediment or having foreign particles suspendedturbidity - muddiness created by stirring up sediment or having foreign particles suspended
murkiness, cloudiness, muddiness - the quality of being cloudy
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(of liquid)Trübheit f, → Schmutzigkeit f
(fig: = confusion) → Verworrenheit f
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Turbidities of all samples show that they are between 0.113 and 2.63 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit).
Many French enologists prefer to use a turbidity meter (nephelometer), which measures the scattering of a beam of light as it gets reflected off the suspended particles, resulting in an NTU (nephelometric turbidity unit) rating rather than a percentage of volume to volume.
Specifically, the owners and operators were looking for efficient removal of solids, total organic carbon, algae, and color, with a consistent effluent turbidity of less than 1 nephelometric turbidity unit. When the results were in, they demonstrated that AquaDAF could operate at exceptionally high loading rates of up to 16 gallons per minute per square foot, yet produced minimal sludge and required little coagulant.
The mathematical relation between turbidity output in millivolt (mV) and nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) was performed using a solution of polymers (polymer bead calibration solutions).
EPA 2015), which have been amended and revised since the 1989 Surface Water Treatment Rule, currently require filtered water supplies to conduct monitoring for turbidity at each individual filter at 15-min intervals; the rules specify that turbidity of combined filter effluent should be [less than or equal to] 0.3 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) in at least 95% of the measurements taken each month and no single measurement should exceed 1 NTU.
Caption: Figure 3: Time series data measured for (a) flow at the inlet ([Q.sub.in), (b) pressure at the inlet ([P.sub.in]), (c) pressure at monitoring station ([P.sub.ms]), (d) turbidity at monitoring station ([TB.sub.ms]) measured in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU), and (e)-(j) particle count at monitoring station ([PC.sub.ms]).
Etheostoma fonticola is most commonly found in the less turbid reaches (0.26 to 5.76 nephelometric turbidity units -NTU) of these spring-fed systems with relatively constant water temperature and moderate flow and is particularly sensitive to environmental conditions, with reproductive behavior being temperature and flow dependent (Schenck and Whiteside, 1977; Saunders et al., 2001).
The supplier also reports that the filter takes wines with a turbidity of 25 to 1,000 NTU (nephelometric turbidity units) down to 0.00 NTU.