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Noun1.Nephthys - Egyptian goddess associated with ritual of the deadNephthys - Egyptian goddess associated with ritual of the dead; sister of Geb and Nut; wife of Set
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Polychaete worms dominated in terms of the species diversity (e.g., Nepthys hombergii and Anaitides mucosa), and a range of bivalves (e.g., Abra alba and Mysella biden-tata), crustaceans, including crabs (e.g., Liocarcinus sp.) and amphipods such as Ampelisca sp.
The plot revolves around rivalries between Osiris (tenor Michael Barrett) and Seth (baritone Michael Nyby), sibling gods incarnate as humans, and their respective wives, Isis (soprano Lucia Cesaroni) and Nepthys (mezzo Julie Nesrallah).
Effect of meiofauna on incorporation of aged eelgrass, Zostera marina, detritus by the polychaeta Nepthys incisa.
Inside the sediment, there were no differences in the number of mussels (Z = 1.51, P > 0.1), polychaetes of the species Laeonereis acuta (Z = 1.57, P > 0.1) and Nepthys fluviatilis Monro (Z = 0.1, P > 0.5), and the priapulid Priapulus tuberculatospinosus Baird (Z = 0.1, P > 0.5) between plots in the high marsh.