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lälläs lää
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'er inteh a little tin angel, ner nottin', but deh way it is now she can queer us!
On the very ladder he lingered, and in that unique, guiltily conscientious man- ner of sticking to the point:
The steward being engaged in laying the table for din- ner, we could talk only with our eyes when I first went down.
A grave, preoccupied man- ner, as though he were in possession of some perplexing intelligence, did not leave him henceforth.
"When he made it!" (Something of her natura l bluntness broke out in her man ner as she repeated the answer.) "Does it provide for them now?"
My ner ves were irritated; I felt a sense of angry discontent with myself and with others.
There was much food for thought in the man- ner in which he replied.
I was to a certain extent horrified; but it was rather a secondary sort of effect, not really strong enough to make me yell at him in some such man- ner as: "Stop!" .
After paying for his pur- chase with three half-pence extracted from the cor- ner of a handkerchief which he carried in the cuff of his sleeve, Captain Hagberd went out.
Falk's in a cor ner. He will take her off your hands in one thin frock just as she came to you.
Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) [India], July 23 ( ANI ): At least five people were killed after a major fire broke out in a residential building at Ner Chowk in Himachal Pradesh's Mandi district on Monday.
According to an economic survey on Thursday, Province wise comparison reveals that Punjab NER declined to 61 percent in 2015 as compared to 64 percent in 2014.