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1.Were not.
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Benito Mussolini and his Camicie Nere during the March on Rome.
Authorities said Nere went to Taylors house in June 2012 to deliver the heroin and then left.
In the words of the PGDFEB project document "many tree species (shea tree, nere, gum arabic, etc.) that provide non timber products are traditionally preserved and exploited, mainly by women, which underscores the important role that women have to play in any strategy aiming at preserving the forest' (World Bank 2013: 3).
NERENYL[R], from a traceable and controlled supply chain of nere in Burkina Faso, reinforces the resistance of the barrier function by stimulating epidermal differentiation and cellular cohesion, activates skin hydration and regulates the skin's water needs by improving the synthesis of key hydration mediators.
A Comparative study of the quality of life, knowledge, attitude and belief about leprosy disease among leprosy patients and community members in Shantivan Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, Nere, Maharashtra, India.
Italian director Francesco Munzi, who presented "Anime nere" in the competition at last year's Venice festival; Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien, whose latest effort, "The Assassin," won best director at this year's Cannes Film Festival; British screenwriter-director Lynne Ramsay, best known for "We Need to Talk about Kevin" (2011); and French author, screenwriter and director Emmanuel Carrere, known for the best-selling novels "Limonov" (2011) and "Le Royaume" (2015), will round out the panel.
La nuova specie Si distingue dalle altre specie di Austrolebias per l'origi-nale profilo di pigmentazione della pinna dorsale del mas-chio, caratterizzato da barre verticali nere allungate dalla base alla porzione mediale della pinna, e per la presenza di barre nere trasversali sul corpo, che diventano gradualmente pitt brevi e piii indistinte verso il peduncolo cauclale.
Alba Rohrwacher ("The Wonders"); Calabria-set mob drama "Anime Nere," by Francesco Munzi ("Saimir"); and "II giovane favoloso," Mario Martone's biopic of poet Giacomo Leopardi, known for his odes about Italy as a fallen nation.
In the rooms dedicated to Cosimo I and his father, Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, fluvial deities serve similar functions in aggrandizing deeds, though they are visually less prominent and, in some cases, depart from the ancient river god type.
Nere feels like a freak with her pale skin, thick glasses, and weak lungs.
Colette's La Vagabonde (1910) tells the story of Renee Nere, an erstwhile successful novelist who embarks upon a career as a music hall performer in order to earn a living after divorcing her philandering and emotionally abusive husband.
Also known as 'Giovanni dalle Bande Nere' for the black bands of mourning he wore after the death of Pope Leo X, is buried in the Medici Chapels in Florence with his wife, Maria Salviati.