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adv. & a.1.Nearer.
Never the neer
never the nearer; no nearer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Socio-cultural determinants appear also as a powerful factor in influencing evasive behaviour (Nerre, 2001).
Joffe has received grant support from Merck and has served as a consultant/ adviser for Merck, Mitsubishi Tanabe, NeRRe Therapeutics, and Noven.
When Walter complains that he cannot learn his music despite the fact that he "sol-fas" and then sings afterwards ("I solfe and singge after, and is me neuere the nerre"), he means that despite following this process of first singing the notes by their names and then singing the tune together with the text, he meets with little success.
Bot pat ze be Gawan, hit gotz in mynde.' 'Querfore?'quop pe freke, and freschly he askez, Ferde lest he hade fayled in fourme of his castes; Bot pe burde hym blessed, and 'Bi pis skyl' sayde: 'So god as Gawayn gaynly is halden, And cortaysye is closed so clene in hymseluen, Couth not lyztly haf lenged so long wyth a lady, Bot he had craued a cosse, bi his courtaysye, Bi sum towch of summe tryfle at sum talez ende.' hen quop Wowen: 'Iwysse, worpe as yow lykez; I schal kysse at your comaundement, as a knyzt fallez, And fire, lest he displese yow, so plede hit no more.' Ho comes nerre with pat, and cachez hym in armez, Loutez luflych adoun and pe leude kyssez.
1841--In the afternoon of Wednesday 31 March 1841, Kurboro's lubra Quondom struck Mrs Wilson [the manager's wife] at Nerre Nerre Warren because Mrs Wilson would not give Quondom water, on the grounds that she could not spare it.
1842--On Wednesday 17 February, at Nerre Nerre Warren Thomas recorded 'a cruel punishment and fight'--'a lubra from her brother Kurboro is most seriously maltreated--for marrying herself without consent of her Brother' (Byrt 2004:76).
Although most readers prefer to understand the Pearl Maiden as the narrator's daughter, a younger sister would also fit the only description of the relationship that he provides: "Ho watz me nerre pen aunte or nece [She was nearer to me than aunt or niece]" (233).
Birger Nerre of the University of Hamburg, the topic of 'Tax Culture' appears precisely at the intersection of the disciplines of economics, sociology and history and this is precisely where the disconnect in Pakistan lies.
Birger Nerre during a meeting with Riffat Shah Qazi, Member Facilitation and Taxpayers Education FBR.
* Nerre Shuriah, JD, LL.M, is an advanced marketing consultant for Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group, Los Angeles, Calif.
The jokes, however, give way to sorrow and a sense that the game could lead to grief: Alle this compayny of court com the kyng nerre For to counseyl the knyght, with care at her hert.
Birger Nerre during a meeting with Ms Riffat Shah Qazi, Member Facilitation & Taxpayers Education FBR.