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A mixture of chopped and boiled chestnuts, maraschino cherries, candied fruits, and liqueur or rum, used as a sauce or in puddings, ice cream, or pies.

[After Count Karl Robert von Nesselrode (1780-1862), Russian politician.]
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(ˈnɛsəlˌrəʊd; Russian nɪsɪlˈrɔdə)
(Biography) Count Karl Robert. 1780–1862, Russian diplomat: as foreign minister (1822–56), he negotiated the Treaty of Paris after the Crimean War (1856)


(Cookery) a rich frozen pudding, made of chestnuts, eggs, cream, etc
[C19: named after Count Karl Robert Nesselrode, whose chef invented the dish]
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(ˈnɛs əlˌroʊd)

a rich mixture of preserved fruits, nuts, cream, etc., used in puddings, pies or ice cream.
[1835–45, said to have been invented by the chef of Count Nesselrode]


(ˈnɛs əlˌroʊd)

Count Karl Robert (Karl Vasilyevich), 1780–1862, Russian diplomat and statesman.
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Noun1.Nesselrode - a rich frozen pudding made of chopped chestnuts and maraschino cherries and candied fruits and liqueur or rum
pudding - any of various soft sweet desserts thickened usually with flour and baked or boiled or steamed
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"The Eden Musee'll get that old frozen Nesselrode yet if he don't watch out.
Russian Foreign Minister Karl Nesselrode wagered superior Russian morality against British and French commercial power in the Mediterranean (231).
Motley described one of the czar's chief administrators, Count Nesselrode, as "the great bureaucrat of the great autocrat....
Georgia Nesselrode, MARC's director of local government services, said the administrative fee total of $6,000 would be paid to MARC by the vendor, not the cities, as a rebate to MARC.
So intimately were the policies of Russia and Prussia bound up that Bismarck could seriously think of entering the Russian diplomatic service even as Baron von Steinand Nesselrode had done before him.
Although the Russian foreign affairs minister, count Karl Robert von Nesselrode, wrote to Halcinski, the general consul in Bucharest, that the occupation of the Romanian Principalities wasn't supposed to cause any administrative change, in fact Russia wanted to annex the two Romanian states.
Le chancelier russe Nesselrode ecrivait le 12 fevrier 1830 au grandduc Constantin de Russie, gouvemeur militaire du royaume russe de Pologne: << le but de nos relations avec la Turquie est defini par le traite d'Andrinople.
During this period of terrible sufferings, while he was lying in bed totally paralyzed, a noble lady named Maria Kalergis, born countess Nesselrode, considered one of the most beautiful women of that time, who thought she had the entire world to her feet due to her great qualities, attracted by Heine's popularity asked a friend to take her to the German poet's home, to meet him in person.
(8) Subat 1826'da Rus Disisleri Bakani Neselrod (Karl Vasilyevic Nesselrode) 1821-1825 arasinda Osmanli Imparatorlugunda yasanan gelismeleri, bu gelismeler karsisinda Rusya ile diger devletlerin politikalarini ozetleyen ve Rusya'nin cikarlari acisindan cozulmesi gereken sorunlari degerlendiren bir rapor sunmustu.
The article was from a May 1946 Capper's Farmer country cooking issue, and included information on Nesselrode Pie and Corned Steak, but the complete recipes were missing.
Lieven convincingly demonstrates the real accomplishments in terms of strategy and execution of war of Alexander I, his foreign-policy advisers, Count Nesselrode's Paris intelligence apparat, and military officers.