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Noun1.Nessie - a large aquatic animal supposed to resemble a serpent or plesiosaur of Loch Ness in ScotlandNessie - a large aquatic animal supposed to resemble a serpent or plesiosaur of Loch Ness in Scotland
Loch Ness - a lake in the Scottish highlands; the largest body of fresh water in Great Britain
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In the 1930s, a Harley Street surgeon became the first person to take a picture of Nessie.
Whilst historically oil-based hydraulic systems have been used for such applications, the Nessie water hydraulic system from Danfoss Ltd, tel:020 8991 7000, is more competitive in price and more hygienic.
Besides, no one has ever proved Nessie doesn't exist, either.
Geco-Prakla currently has five Nessie 4C projects throughout the region, including surveys in Thailand, China, Indonesia and Australia, bringing the accumulated worldwide experience of this advanced technology to overs the industry has focused on, and made enormouth for conventional and shear-wave seismic data key reasons for its success.
When searching in the Loch Ness area, the usual yellow Google peg man will change to a Nessie peg monster, giving users the power to zoom into different areas of the loch.
I'm convinced that Nessie has just taken some time out and will be back with a vengeance this year", BBC quoted Campbell.
Campbell, who has been logging Nessie sightings for 17 years, asserted that the number of sightings has been reducing since the turn of the century but this is the first time in almost 90 years that Nessie wasn't seen at all.
SPLASHING ABOUT: From left, Millie Corbett, Glynis Benison and Lynn Hindmarch have fun with Nessie the dragon.
Nessie, a photography student at Walsall College, has been working in collaboration with the Walsall Artists Network to bring the exhibition to the town.
The find has sparked a world-wide internet frenzy of debate among loyal Nessie fans and sceptics alike.
Dinosaur expert Joern Hurum, who led the team, said: "They look like we imagine Nessie of Loch Ness.