Nestor notabilis

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Noun1.Nestor notabilis - large brownish-green New Zealand parrotNestor notabilis - large brownish-green New Zealand parrot
parrot - usually brightly colored zygodactyl tropical birds with short hooked beaks and the ability to mimic sounds
genus Nestor, Nestor - a genus of Psittacidae
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Abstract: We describe the seminal characteristics of the kea parrot (Nestor notabilis), an endangered species endemic to the South Island of New Zealand.
The kea (Nestor notabilis), a mountain parrot which is unknown to employ tools in the wild, can accomplish the use of compact objects tools to knock a food reward out of place.
First, we encased inexpensive (<US$70) archival GPS data loggers (~19 g) in bite-proof housing, and then we evaluated the effects of the devices on the study animals and their operational performance during field trials (n = 14) on wild-caught kea (Nestor notabilis), a large (~ 1 kg) parrot endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand.