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1. Of or relating to the theological doctrine, declared heretical in 431, that within Jesus are two distinct persons, divine and human, rather than a single divine person.
2. Of or relating to a Christian church whose teachings are historically derived from this doctrine.

[After Nestoriuswho was accused of propounding this doctrine.]

Nes·to′ri·an n.
Nes·to′ri·an·ism n.
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(Theology) the doctrine that Christ was two distinct persons, divine and human, implying a denial that the Virgin Mary was the mother of God. It is attributed to Nestorius and survives in the Iraqi Church
Nesˈtorian n, adj
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a 5th-century heresy concerning Christ’s nature, asserting that the human and divine were in harmony but separate and that Mary should be considered the Mother of Christ, not of God. — Nestorian, n., adj.
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Noun1.Nestorianism - the theological doctrine (named after Nestorius) that Christ is both the son of God and the man Jesus (which is opposed to Roman Catholic doctrine that Christ is fully God)
heresy, unorthodoxy - a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
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Shinno, however, questions the nomenclature of "Islamic medicine" as Isa, she argues, was a Nestorian Christian. Yet, she concedes, the presence of West Asian medicine in China in the late 1200s and early 1300s was indubitable.
In a revision of his 2007 doctoral dissertation at Leiden University, Halbertsma examines the archaeological remains of the Nestorian Christian people known as the UngEt, who lived in the steppes south of the Gobi desert under Mongol rule.
Green carefully filters out a series of shop-worn scenarios, such as over-reliance on the etymological centrality of the term suf, the diachronic notion that ascetics/asceticism yielded definitively to mystics/mysticism, and the "historical structuralist" attribution of seminal influence to Nestorian Christian hagiographical sources.
Sinjar is the traditional home of the Yazidi, an eclectic religious sect fusing Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian and Islamic elements.
Mustafa and I wound our way up dusty trails to a fenced off enclosure where archaeologists from the UK from and US spend the cooler months preserving and researching the remains of a Nestorian Christian monastery from 600AD.
The city layout reflected their diversity: there were mosques, "idol temples" and even a Nestorian Christian church.
All over north Iraq, in this mountainous region of Kurdistan around the cities of Zakho, Dohok and Amadia, along the Turkish border, the Christian villages destroyed by the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein are being rebuilt by the Kurdish government of Massoud and Nechirvan Barzani, under the supervision of Sarkis Aghajan, minister of finances, a Nestorian Christian, who personally spent $18,000 on construction of a three-room house.