Net tonnage

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(Naut.) the tonnage of a vessel after a deduction from the gross tonnage has been made, to allow space for crew, machinery, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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On a monthly basis, the net tonnage witnessed about 4% decline.
The rate of tonnage tax is imposed according to the net tonnage of the following vessels at the following rates.
Correlation analysis was used to show the relationship between the productivity measures of profit (each boat's profit per share and each boat's profit per net tonnage), and each captain's managerial profile, based on each researcher's individual calculation as well as the average composite score.
* A Norwegian-incorporated company may elect to have shipping income exempt from corporate income taxation and, instead, pay a tax on dividends and on net tonnage under a shipping taxation regime.
Tankers are now charged according to their residual cargo, and not the old Suez Canal Net Tonnage system, which means they can save a lot.
Net tonnage of bulk cargo more than doubled with Ras Laffan and Hamad Port receiving the highest traffic until May 2019, ValuStrat said citing data from the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS).
In 2014, 17,148 ships passed, with a daily average of about 47 ships, with net tonnage of 962.8m tonnes; an average of 56,140 net tonnes per ship.
Cyprus already has a simplified tonnage tax system for some shipping which charges tax on the net tonnage of vessels.
Additionally, total transits and net tonnage decreased slightly.
Under the system, shipping companies may opt for a flat-rate taxable base calculated on the net tonnage of their fleet instead of the normally applicable corporate income tax.
This also resulted in an increase in the total net tonnage of ships at an annual rate of 159.1%, compared to January last year.