Net tonnage

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(Naut.) the tonnage of a vessel after a deduction from the gross tonnage has been made, to allow space for crew, machinery, etc.

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The rate of tonnage tax is imposed according to the net tonnage of the following vessels at the following rates.
When compared to the revenue per net tonnage of the vessel, the managerial orientation yielded an insignificant correlation coefficient of r = -0.
Containerships currently account for 55 percent of the net tonnage and for 38 percent of the total number of vessels transiting the Suez Canal.
aThe scheme allows companies to opt for a tax calculated on the net tonnage of the fleet that they operate (tonnage tax) instead of being taxed on the actual profits of their maritime transport activities.
Displacement calculates the weight of the volume of water, gross tonnage is calculated as one ton per 100 cubic feet of the internal volume of the ship, net tonnage calculates cubic capacity of the cargo space of the ship and deadweight, the weight of the cargo it is permitted to carry.
20 for each 100 tons of net tonnage in excess of 25,000 tons [IRC section 1353(c)].
Vessels performing cabotage operations are liable to payment of an annual lump sum calculated on the basis of the net tonnage of the vessels and entitling them to an unlimited number of voyages.