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Sometimes there are unintended consequences," Neth told the International Business Times.
Leatherberry graduated from the Law School in 1968, a year before Professor Neth arrived, and returned as a faculty member in 1973.
FOLLOWING from the article on unsafe condoms and other unsafe sex accessories by Ditmore and Neth in your November 2006 journal, (1) I would like to point out that the practice of unsafe use of good quality condoms is also an issue that needs to be addressed.
Family farms, Neth asserts, are just what the title suggests, dependent on the labor of the entire family to survive.
Mary Neth and Sally McMurry tell the story of the Great Transformation of the rural north from self-sufficient, family centered farming to a heavily capitalized agriculture tied to distant markets and split from community and home.
In Preserving the Family Farm, historian Mary Neth makes this point over and over again.
Neth Pheaktra, spokesman of the tribunal, told Kyodo News the staff will remain on strike until they receive their salaries, which have not been paid since June.
None of the more than 300 Cambodians working at the tribunal, from judges to drivers, will be paid this month and may not receive their salaries in February and March either, said Neth Pheaktra.
In a statement, the bank denied rumours that it was involved in the alleged gold scam reported by Neth FM.
The show is entitled Neth (An Asian Eye), and consists of an exhibition of artworks, including paintings, Chinese art and calligraphy.
Simply because Spencer Neth is so multifaceted that he is difficult, almost impossible, to describe.
Meanwhile, Beth and Neth encounter a young carer who seeks relief from his responsibilities by setting fire to cars.