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Anytime you can work with a company willing to build rifles to the highest competition standards, and then make them available to shooters around the country, you have a great partner," Neth added.
Spencer Neth, my seemingly diffident colleague who typically had the air of an absentminded professor, raised his hand and began pressing the president about University policies.
FOLLOWING from the article on unsafe condoms and other unsafe sex accessories by Ditmore and Neth in your November 2006 journal, (1) I would like to point out that the practice of unsafe use of good quality condoms is also an issue that needs to be addressed.
12) Mary Neth, Preserving the Family Farm: Women, Community, and the Foundations of Agribusiness in the Midwest, 1900-1940 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995), p.
Mary Neth and Sally McMurry tell the story of the Great Transformation of the rural north from self-sufficient, family centered farming to a heavily capitalized agriculture tied to distant markets and split from community and home.
William Pomeranz, Managing Director, Cain Brothers; and Rebecca Neth Townsend, Senior Vice President, Ziegler.
neth Thrall also scored two rushing touchdowns for Siuslaw, which led 34-0 at halftime.
Neth Pheaktra, spokesman of the tribunal, told Kyodo News the staff will remain on strike until they receive their salaries, which have not been paid since June.
Neth said he supported it back then and now believes the quality of government can be improved with the increase.