nether world

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also nether world (nĕth′ər-wûrld′)
1. The world of the dead.
2. A situtation in which one's status is uncertain, marginal, or undefined: "He was caught in the netherworld between the lowest levels of minor league baseball and the highest level of amateur play" (Tim Wakefield with Tony Massarotti). "She grew up in a kind of a class netherworld, not quite her father's daughter, not quite a servant" (Nina Sovich).
3. The part of society engaged in crime and vice: "Once they found themselves on the streets, they fell very quickly into the criminal netherworld" (Anne Applebaum).

neth′er·world′ly adj.

nether world



1. the world after death; the underworld
2. hell
3. a criminal underworld
Also called (for senses 1, 2): nether regions

neth′er world`

or neth′er•world`,

1. the infernal regions; hell.
2. the criminal underworld.
References in classic literature ?
The early afternoon was mild and hazy, and unlike winter but for the prematurely low sun struggling through the haze, as Raffles and I emerged from the nether regions at Westminster Bridge, and stood for one moment to admire the infirm silhouettes of Abbey and Houses in flat gray against a golden mist.
Whether guilty or innocent, it was as if old de Barral had been down to the Nether Regions.
However, rarely do we see a fighter hospitalized, let alone brought to tears after getting hit in the nether regions.
How was it that Abedin, who appears so charismatic and disciplined, remains married to Weiner, a hothead who has a propensity to document his nether regions on social media?
If you dream of something, if you have ambitions and you are willing to work hard, you can achieve your dreams Mo Farah A Muslim extremist told me he was going to behead me and do unspeakable things to my nether regions.
That is why I'd make jokes before my jumps" Ex-ski jumper Eddie the Eagle Edwards "A Muslim extremist told me he was going to behead me and do unspeakable things to my nether regions.
For instance, Huddersfield's flirtation with the Championship's nether regions last term was far too close for comfort and mindful of this, bet365 make them 6/1 to be relegated.
JAMES BOND producers have failed to persuade Daniel Craig to stay - even after strapping him to a table with an electric saw slicing its way to his nether say nether regions.
AND This Morning's Alice Beer on a risque gadget that strengthens women's pelvic floor muscles: "You put it inside you like a tampon, set up an app on your mobile and through Bluetooth it talks to your nether regions and your nether regions talk to your phone.
Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about Goop website, but now if we Actress/health guru Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about her design for life on her Goop website, but now if we don't surrender to her macrobiotic ways and start steam cleaning our nether regions (she actually does this), we might C/nd ourselves hearing that familiar refrain.
Peppered with frank hormonal monologues and frequent references to his nether regions as "The Horn," Sean is your everyday, slacker seventeen-year-old.
Right after the nether regions exam, they are told to get dressed and then, I check their backs for scoliosis.