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 (no͞o′shə-tĕl′, nœ′shä-)
A soft white cheese made from cow's milk.

[After Neufchâtel, a town of northeast France.]


(French nøʃɑtɛl)
(Cookery) a soft creamy whole-milk cheese, similar to cream cheese
[named after Neufchâtel, town in N France where it is made]


(ˌnu ʃəˈtɛl, ˌnyu-, ˌnœ-)

a soft white cheese made in Neufchâtel, a town in N France.
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Go from hence to Blangy, and from Blangy to Neufchatel.
The company's five cheese production facilities, located throughout Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, manufacture Swiss, Baby Swiss, Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, Cream Cheese, Neufchatel, Gouda and Sweet Whey.
The artist has since painted hundreds of 'grandmaster' cheeses of Great Britain and France including a Neufchatel, which has been bought, prior to the show's opening, by title designer of the James Bond films, Daniel Kleinman.
We split it six ways--secret sneaking addicts of his chivey Neufchatel, a brand not sold in stores but sent around to socialites as catering promos.
The taste of a cheese depends on the quality of the soil and the grass of the area where the cows, whose milk goes into making it, are raised and fed," said the ambassador, as he spread a generous slice of the heart- shaped and coquettishly creamy Neufchatel, which he'd flown along with him from his mother's farm in Normandy, on a sliver of toasted bread.
At Auckland, with one possible exception, (81) he secured all the manuscripts he is known to have ordered, including the highly collectible Neufchatel Missal and Macarata Breviary.
Neufchatel - French Neufchatel - is an AOC (the name is protected) unripened cheese made from cow milk.
The foie gras terrine with strawberries and Coeur Neufchatel en croute will be the perfect way to end your meal.
Lawrence, an upstate New York dairyman, who used twice the cream required to make the popular French Neufchatel cheese.
Neufchatel Secondary School's student model parliament is a leader in its field.