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n.1.(Anat.) See Axis cylinder, under Axis.
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Epstein-Barr virus neuraxis infection as a trigger for central nervous system demyelinating processes: A case report.
Although MR imaging has delivered remarkable advances in the information available from the vast array of pulse sequences and MR imaging techniques, the radiologist should still rely most heavily on traditional, more fundamental criteria, such as location in the neuraxis and the age of the patient, for specific pathologic diagnoses.
Patients with spinal cord cavernous malformations are at an increased risk for multiple neuraxis cavernous malformations.
Typical chordomas occur along the neuraxis, especially at the cranial and caudal ends.
Yip M, Fisch C, Lamarche JB: AFIP archives: Gliomatosis cerebri affecting the entire neuraxis.
In other words, we must prepare ideal pro-coagulation conditions to prevent bleeding complications (similar to those recommended by ASRA)(11-13) allowing for the manipulation of the neuraxis.
Our findings lay the basis for future attempts to decode the information obtained by mechanoreceptors and their associated TG neurons situated at the very beginning of the vibrissae-barrel neuraxis.
10-11) The pontomedullary reticular formation receives nearly 90% of the output dedicated to the neuraxis and cortex modulation, ipsilaterally.
Spinal teratoma is included in the category of extragonadal teratomas arising within the neuraxis, together with those developing in the pineal gland [9], sellar and suprasellar regions [10], third ventricle [11] or fourth ventricle [12].
This results in synchronous brain wave discharges across the neuraxis (the nerve bundles linking the hierarchical strata of the brain).
They range from a simple and reversible urinary tract infection to prostatic hypertrophy or cancer, urethral hypermobility with or without associated pelvic organ prolapse, pharmacologic effects, and neurologic dysfunction, anywhere along the neuraxis from the brain to the spinal cord, or in the peripheral nerves or ganglia.