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n.1.(Anat.) See Axis cylinder, under Axis.
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The descending projection fibers from the higher centers modulate the autonomic, visceral, and stress arousal mechanisms at different levels of the neuraxis. [25,26]
PA can occur anywhere within the neuraxis. In children, they usually arise in the posterior fossaand less commonly in the spinal or supratentorial regions.
The clinical manifestations and functional outcomes of ALS patients were a comprehensive reflection of UMN, LMN, and extramotor area involvement; however, the complexity of the phenotypes lies not only in the damage of the multisegmental neuraxis, but also in the dynamic changes to the extensively engaged neural network and multiple compensatory mechanisms.[23] ALSFRS-R is the only validated clinical indicator for the evaluation of disability in ALS patients, but the absolute ALSFRS-R scores upon diagnosis are highly variable and thereafter decline at varying but relatively stable rates.[24] Therefore, patients who undergo MRI with the same ALSFRS-R score at a given time might have been in different stages of disease and might progress variably.
These tumors can arise anywhere in the neuraxis but locate predominantly in the posterior fossa, in about two thirds of the cases.
[2] The lesion may lie anywhere in the somatosensory motor chain (Peripheral nerves, spinal cord, cerebellum or cerebrum) and the clinician should enquire about symptoms represented at these various levels in the neuraxis such as weakness, numbness, incoordination, tremor, sphincters, memory and other cortical functions.
Utilizing the bottom-up mechanism allows a therapist to alter the mind/body's neurochemical systems and influence interactions between the brain and peripheral tissues; including the cardiovascular and immune systems, by directly addressing functional links or multiple levels where the neuraxis at which the mind/body interactions occur.
The basal expression of HO-1 in the normal brain is restricted to small groups of scattered neurons and neuroglia [134], whereas HO-2 is more broadly expressed across the neuraxis [60].
Epstein-Barr virus neuraxis infection as a trigger for central nervous system demyelinating processes: A case report.
Patients with spinal cord cavernous malformations are at an increased risk for multiple neuraxis cavernous malformations.
Crooket al.," Theperiaqueductal gray orchestrates sensory and motor circuits at multiple levels of the neuraxis," Journal of Neuroscience, vol.
Despite current, frequently used methods of testing appropriate placement of catheters in the neuraxis, there is still a lack of an absolutely reliable means of confirming the location of the catheter in the epidural space.
Neuroglial, or glioependymal, cysts are benign epithelial-lined lesions that can occur anywhere in the neuraxis. Neuroglial cysts appear well-demarcated, without surrounding gliosis, and have the same appearance as the CSF in all sequences [4].