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 (no͝or′ō-mŏj′ə-lā′tər, nyo͝or′-)
A chemical substance or medical device that affects synaptic transmission in nerve cells.
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Additionally, 1.7 million involving neuromodulators, and 1.35 million involved soft-tissue fillers, the ASDS said.
Previous measurements of retinal oxygen consumption have suggested that the metabolic activity of the vertebrate retina varies with light intensity (4), but neuromodulators, such as dopamine, may also substantially alter the metabolic activity of retinal neurons (5, 6).
As a starting point, neuromodulators can have a role in trying to prevent or delay etched-in lines from forming around the mouth in the first place.
A facial evaluation should focus on areas of volume loss and opportunities to use neuromodulators (eg, botulinum toxin A) and the use of fillers.
The two most commonly sought procedures by male patients are neuromodulators and dermal fillers, according to Dr.