Neutral tint

a bluish gray pigment, used in water colors, made by mixing indigo or other blue some warm color. the shades vary greatly.

See also: Neutral

References in classic literature ?
The neutral tint is better adapted to the sister in whose eyes all things are Maya -- illusion.
Of the five guests, two were middle-aged gentlemen belonging to that large, but indistinct, division of the human family whom the hand of Nature has painted in unobtrusive neutral tint.
It's a neutral tint that can be built on withscolors and accents," he says.
She noted that while the Barnes' gallery walls were covered in hessian, 'its neutral tint does not have the chromocidal impact of, say, the stark formica-white walls against which the Musee d'Orsay's Impressionists are set.
Styron's innovation was to develop a specialty combining near infrared blocking properties with a neutral tint, providing the buildings with a comfortable and pleasant interior ambiance.
You should avoid using a conservative lipstick color and instead use a beautiful neutral tint.
Integris IrisPRO(TM) Commercial Semi-Matte 235, designed to simulate the look of the popular IrisPRO Commercial media, is a new, premium performance color proofing media with neutral tint, exceptional color gamut and shadow detail.
Neutral tints such as grey or brown will minimise any potential colour distortion.
According to Stephen Schroeder, Quaker's international sales manager, the company highlighted, "merchandise based on a natural lifestyle in colors of neutral tints such as off-white and beige," he says.