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Noun1.Nevil Shute - English writer who settled in Norway after World War II (1899-1960)
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1960: Nevil Shute, popular author, notably of A Town Like Alice, died in Melbourne, Australia, where he had emigrated in 1950.
1960: Author Nevil Shute, best known for A Town Like Alice, died in Melbourne, Australia, where he had emigrated in 1950.
But Nevil Shute, who wrote the original novel, couldn't have picked a more perfect example than his crash-and-smash amateur Grand Prix to sum up man's madness as the carbon dioxide clouds gather.
Tambien es, dentro de la estructura que--ha creado para si, una historia calida e interesante de lo que puede suceder cuando un grupo de personas comunes en una situacion peligrosa, una situacion, incidentalmente, casi tan probable como la que Nevil Shute postula en On the beach.
When I was 19 I read On The Beach by Nevil Shute, which ended with everyone dying on the planet after a nuclear war in the northern hemisphere.
The 1959 Stanley Kramer film, adapted from the best-selling novel by Nevil Shute, is a story of an American nuclear-powered submarine investigating in Australia after "most of the world has been devastated by atomic waste," a news release says.
The author, whose full name was Nevil Shute Norway, by birth Anglo-Irish, had served a teenage stretcher-bearer during the 1916 Irish Rising and then been conscripted to brief World War I service in British Army.
Those readers like some out-of-print fiction by authors such as Nevil Shute, who wrote "On the Beach" and 23 other works of fiction between 1924 and 1960.
Nevil Shute' was the pseudonym used by British-born Australian aerospace engineer and novelist Nevil Shute Norway (1899-1960).
The acclaimed novel by Nevil Shute was out of print.
Nevil Shute, who died not long after writing the book in 1957 (and just after it was turned into a compelling, controversial film starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins in 1959), was tackling something that carried a shocking urgency 43 years ago - global annihilation and nuclear winter.