New Granada

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New Gra·na·da

A former Spanish viceroyalty of northern South America including present-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela. It was under Spanish rule from the 1530s to 1819.

New Granada

1. (Placename) a former Spanish presidency and later viceroyalty in South America. At its greatest extent it consisted of present-day Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador
2. (Placename) the name of Colombia when it formed, with Panama, part of Great Colombia (1819–30)

New` Grana′da

1. a former Spanish viceroyalty in NW South America, comprising the present republics of Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama.
2. the early name of Colombia.
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Beyond presentations, such as those of the new Andalucia Film Commission, MIDIA's real business lay in its second Co-Production Projects Market with producers pitching, parlaying and priming pic projects for their presentation to the Ibermedia film fund, a subsidy system created by Spain and Latin American states in 1997.
For Ahmed, Muslims and non-Muslims should cooperate for the common good of a New Andalucia; though a long, difficult, and painful process, it would definitely be more open, democratic, plural, and diverse than today's European identity which is based primarily on primordial values, blood, and the imagined "purity" of its citizens: "The convivencia of Andalusia is a European antidote to the European problem of predator identity" (p.

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