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Adj.1.New Caledonian - of or relating to New Caledonia
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On the mantelpiece stood two large pearl shells, obviously a pair, intricately carved by the patient hands of New Caledonian convicts.
New Caledonian crows were long known to have winkled out grubs from trees by using sticks clenched in their beaks.
Famously clever New Caledonian crows are known for their ability to winkle beetle grubs out of forest trees using sticks.
With an order book and current contracts to build some 300 trains and coaches for the UK market - including delivery of the new Caledonian Sleeper, TransPennine Express, West Midlands Trains and Northern fleets - CAF said the investment in Newport will strengthen its position as a "manufacturer of choice" for the UK rail industry.
Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham opened the latest round of funding on a visit to the New Caledonian Woodlands Ltd, which received investment in the 2017-18 round.
Charles-Wesley Hourde's exhibition 'Picasso masque' (40, rue Mazarine) presents the likes of a Baga shoulder mask--a mask of this type inspired Picasso's series of portraits of Marie-Therese Walter--as well as Lwalwa and Dan masks, and a New Caledonian figure (Picasso had several).
The New Caledonian team of Renaud Gerardin and Mana Malmezac scored a mixed bag of 4-7-3 results on the opening day.
Betty, a New Caledonian crow heralded as a toolmaking prodigy, may not have been such a whiz bird after all.
In a discovery that accorded more brainpower to birds than previously thought, researchers in New Zealand found in 2002 that New Caledonian crows made tools to forage for food, and also passed on the knowledge for the craft to other individuals, even across generations.
This is a displacement effect resulting from the well-publicised troubles of Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel, a major buyer of New Caledonian material.
The author travels from the South Pacific--home of the world's smartest bird, the New Caledonian crow--to rural China as she explores the surprising cognitive abilities of birds.