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Adj.1.New Caledonian - of or relating to New Caledonia
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On the mantelpiece stood two large pearl shells, obviously a pair, intricately carved by the patient hands of New Caledonian convicts.
The new Caledonian Sleeper service running from London Euston aims to put the magic back into train travel, and with growing angst around the environmental impact of flying, the offering couldn't be more timely.
This is expected to increase competition in the region in regards to international capacity and the New Caledonian government plans to hold a tender process in 2019 in order to establish its own international and domestic submarine cable.
Meanwhile, New Caledonian side Hienghene Sport will face the 2019 league winners of the to-be decided host nation in the play-off for the quarter-finals.
Last week I used the new Caledonian Sleeper train for the first time and very swish the new cabins are too, each with an en suite loo and shower, and equipped with a room service buzzer so you can summon refreshments to your cosy cubby hole.
Let train take strain The new Caledonian Sleeper trains, built at a cost of over PS100m, will be launched in June.
the Richter scale struck off the New Caledonian coast of the Pacific
The team is confident that three Brazilian birds--including the Spix's Macaw, which was made famous by the Disney film Rio--are gone for good in the wild, along with the Javan lapwing, Eskimo curlew, and New Caledonian lorikeet.
( The Guardian reported a tsunami warning was issued by the New Caledonian high commission for all of New Caledonia.
"We've been waiting for 30 years for this vote," said New Caledonian Mariola Bouyer, 34.