New Granada

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New Gra·na·da

A former Spanish viceroyalty of northern South America including present-day Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela. It was under Spanish rule from the 1530s to 1819.

New Granada

1. (Placename) a former Spanish presidency and later viceroyalty in South America. At its greatest extent it consisted of present-day Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador
2. (Placename) the name of Colombia when it formed, with Panama, part of Great Colombia (1819–30)

New` Grana′da

1. a former Spanish viceroyalty in NW South America, comprising the present republics of Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama.
2. the early name of Colombia.
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10), Miss Elizabeth Doyle to Philip Kirby; New Granada (Muss 3.
In the inaugural session, which took place in the New Granada Room, Ambassador Ruiz thanked the Bolivian delegation for their presence and highlighted the important relationship that exists between both countries.
Fans of Coronation Street flocked to the Thistle Centre in November , 1977, to see Coronation Street actor Bill Roache - Ken Barlow in the long-running soap - open the new Granada TV Rental showroom.
The result is an interesting tour d'horizon of the conceptual and material worlds of the inhabitants of Spanish colonial New Granada and its independent successor states.
1819: South American fighters under Simon Bolivar won a decisive victory over Spanish royalist troops at the Battle of Boyaca, ensuring the independence of New Granada - now the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela.
Solitary points aren't going to be good enough for new Granada boss Tony Adams, but he'll probably be happy to stop the bleeding after a pair of losses in his first two matches in charge.
Of the series of civil wars that marked political life in early republican Colombia during its incarnation as New Granada, the Golpe de Melo of 1854 is generally considered in isolation.
Hemispheric Models of Material Progress in New Granada and Colombia (1810-1930)
Joanne Rappaport analyzes the operation of "race" in early colonial New Granada (Colombia) and delves into "socioracial" categories.
Cleo stows away on a steamer to New Granada where she hopes to catch a train to San Francisco to find her brother.
Uno de los documentos que puede ser significativo para entender esto es el trabajo realizado por el general Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera en 1853, Memoir on the physical and political geography of New Granada .
Hardwick Harmonies Jazz Band joined William Roache - Ken Barlow in |Coronation Street - at the opening of a new Granada Shop in Stockton High Street in 1984