New Jersey tea

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New Jersey tea

A shrub (Ceanothus americanus) of central and eastern North America, having clusters of small white fragrant flowers, reddish roots, and ovate leaves formerly used to make a beverage similar to black tea. Also called redroot.

New` Jer′sey tea′

a North American shrub, Ceanothus americanus, of the buckthorn family, the leaves of which were used as a substitute for tea during the American Revolution.
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At Illinois Beach State Park amino sugar N concentration average of soil beneath New Jersey tea was identical to that of the adjacent background soils.
The Ikon Gallery had installed DVD and video projection equipment in the New Jersey Tea Rooms, next to the Erdington Six Ways island.
Also known as New Jersey Tea, the roots of this plant are a rich blood red and even taste a bit like sassafras.

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