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Noun1.New Jerseyan - a native of resident of New Jersey
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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New Jerseyan Hector (Jacob Kiron Shalov) wakes up in the hospital with just minor abrasions after an apparent car accident, but his single Filipina-emigre mother dies.
Articles and materials in this issue are: "Editing Is Not Censorship" (Alan Singer); "Teachers Respond to 'Editing Is Not Censorship'"; "Creation of Post-War 'Segregurbia' in New Jersey" (Lizabeth Cohen); "Levittown Legacy: Segregation in Suburbia?" (Kyle Saboo); "Fine Art and Paper Money in Jacksonian America" (Leo Hershkowitz; Theodore Cohen); "Words That Make New Jersey History" (Howard Green, with a review by Paul Gorski); "Voices from Raritan Landing"; "WPA Guide to Paterson, New Jersey's History"; "Welcome to Industrial Trenton" (Sally Lane; Beth Daly; Brian Daly); "Paul Robeson: New Jerseyan, New Yorker, Social Activist" (Felica Gillespie; Janet Gruner); "Newark: New Jersey's Phoenix" (Nancy Shakir); "Empire State: A History of New York (Milton M.
But I am a life-long blue stater (and a born-and-bred New Jerseyan), and I can't help fuming that heartland Americans-everywhere praised for their rural commonsense, strong work ethic, and skepticism of big government-are picking my pocket.
Springsteen, arguably the most famous New Jerseyan, was highly visible in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
The longtime New Jerseyan isn't sure, but did say his wife ordered one.
Though it looks like it was raining before the picture was taken, it also appears as if the New Jerseyan, who tried to run for president of Haiti, lathered his body with baby oil for the picture.
The 45-yearold New Jerseyan has registered over 400 domain names and sold nine of them since starting her business with a silent partner less than three months ago.
To quote fellow New Jerseyan, Yogi Berra 'It's hard to make a prediction, especially if it's about the future,' and this year, with so many uncertainties surrounding the national economy and the state's office market, the crystal ball seems a bit cloudy.
He was the only attorney among real estate professionals identified as a "Power Player" in Real Estate New Jersey magazine, was named a "Top 40 under 40" New Jerseyan in 2004 by NJBiz magazine, and was named a "New Jersey Super Lawyer" for the past few years by New Jersey Monthly magazine.
Senator Bob Menendez held a moment of silence for the young New Jerseyan, Cadet Christopher James CJ Morgan, who died in a tragic accident yesterday at West Point while en route to a training near the campus.
Raphael Chavez-Fernandez brings unique talent and savvy to my office as we fight to protect health care, complete the Sandy recovery, and provide every New Jerseyan with access to clean air and water, a quality education, and a good-paying job.
She wants every New Jerseyan to have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality credential that prepares them for life after college.

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