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Noun1.New Jerseyan - a native of resident of New Jersey
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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As the NJBIA's Siekerka points out, New Jersey on average spends about $19,000 per year per student, which over 13 years amounts to $247,000 spent educating a young New Jerseyan.
From your vantage point as a neighboring New Jerseyan, do you think the ritual eating of cheese steaks "wiz, wit" is an integral part of any visit to Philadelphia?
New Jerseyan Hector (Jacob Kiron Shalov) wakes up in the hospital with just minor abrasions after an apparent car accident, but his single Filipina-emigre mother dies.
Kyle Saboo); "Fine Art and Paper Money in Jacksonian America" (Leo Hershkowitz; Theodore Cohen); "Words That Make New Jersey History" (Howard Green, with a review by Paul Gorski); "Voices from Raritan Landing"; "WPA Guide to Paterson, New Jersey's History"; "Welcome to Industrial Trenton" (Sally Lane; Beth Daly; Brian Daly); "Paul Robeson: New Jerseyan, New Yorker, Social Activist" (Felica Gillespie; Janet Gruner); "Newark: New Jersey's Phoenix" (Nancy Shakir); "Empire State: A History of New York (Milton M.
The New Jerseyan is generally seen as the embodiment of upwardly mobile rootlessness and material self-satisfaction.
2) Middle Tennessee State University's David Lavery has brought together a diverse collection that encompasses foreign perspectives, close textual readings, cultural analysis and contemporary gender theory, as well as the local viewpoint of a native New Jerseyan.
Springsteen, arguably the most famous New Jerseyan, was highly visible in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
The longtime New Jerseyan isn't sure, but did say his wife ordered one.
Many echoed New Jerseyan Thomas Minet's sentiments: "Since the 'Axis of Evil' State of the Union Address, I have been searching like Diogenes with his lantern for one honest person in Congress who would have the guts to speak out about the attack on Democracy being mounted by the Bush Administration.
Though it looks like it was raining before the picture was taken, it also appears as if the New Jerseyan, who tried to run for president of Haiti, lathered his body with baby oil for the picture.
The 45-yearold New Jerseyan has registered over 400 domain names and sold nine of them since starting her business with a silent partner less than three months ago.
Ever since 1806, when New Jerseyan Aaron Burr accidentally helped change a Senate rule to allow the minority to block the majority rule, this institution has worked best when we build consensus.

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