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Noun1.Taiwan dollar - the basic unit of money in Taiwan
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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A large number of people in Taiwan, and beyond the island, are enthusiastic collectors of New Taiwan Dollar banknotes bearing specific numbers either for investment or collection purposes.
Taiwan has implemented currency convertibility between the RMB and New Taiwan Dollar to provide mainland tourists easy access to the local currency.
dollar should be declared as legal tender, and could be used in parallel with the new Taiwan dollar. Second, American English should be declared an official language of Taiwan at all levels.
Based on BSP data, most other Asian currencies were more volatile against the US dollar: the Japanese yen, 5.46 percent; the Thai baht, 1.3 percent; Indonesian rupiah, 1.94 percent; Malaysian ringgit, 3.03 percent; South Korean won, 3.28 percent; Singapore dollar; 2.1 percent; and New Taiwan dollar, 2.01 percent.
Revenue was down nearly 50 percent compared to the same period last year, where HTC posted a small 200 million new Taiwan dollar ($6.2 million)-profit on revenue of 41.9 billion new Taiwan dollars ($1.3 billion).
(TSMC), the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, suggested Taiwan's central bank to depreciate the New Taiwan dollar so Taiwan, whose economy is export-driven, can handle fierce threat from South Korea.
The group's hedging cost -the spread between the interest rate of the New Taiwan dollar and a basket of other currencies - in the first-quarter was slightly higher than the 90 basis points recorded in the fourth quarter of 2011.
The New Taiwan Dollar today is a symbol of something very different to the country Chiang envisaged.
The smartphone is reportedly priced around TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) 7990, approximately costing close to a[sup.1]14, 700.
In the fourth quarter, the company estimated its revenue to stay on par or slip 3% from the third quarter and gross margin to fall to 17.5-18.5% due to the appreciation of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S.
With both economies becoming more independent, China has allowed since early last year up to five cities in Fujian Province to provide New Taiwan dollar transaction services.

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