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Noun1.New Waver - a film maker who follows New Wave ideas
film maker, film producer, filmmaker, movie maker - a producer of motion pictures
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Sporting Wayfarer sunglasses and a New Waver's thin necktie, handsome orphan Ren steps off the Greyhound from Boston to live in Bomont with his aunt (Kim Dickens) and uncle (Ray McKinnon), who gives the kid a familiar-looking VW as a fixer-upper.
His MySpace site says the former New Waver is in the studio working on a new album, out in December.
(Nerd trivia: Molly Ringwald artfully deconstructs a prom dress in Pretty In Pink as "Thieves Like Us" plays perfectly in the background, even though the song is NOT on the soundtrack!) The bonus tracks collected here are mostly 12-inch singles that any crusty superfan has probably owned for well over a decade, but seeing it all repackaged here--along with the pristine Fantin-Latour painting on the cover--is enough to make this ancient new waver weep away all my eyeliner.
One such is New Waver turned rock Renaissance man Elvis Costello: he has called Village Music "maybe the greatest record-collecting store in the world." Blues giant B.
Besides the unanimous yawn elicited by Denys Arcand's Stardom (the festival's opening night film), Toronto new waver John Greyson produced an equally major misstep with The Law of Enclosures, an adaptation of Dale Peck's novel.
An aging, acid-besotted hippie explains to the new waver that he doesn't drive.
MacCabe gives fellow New Waver Claude Chabrol the last word, when he notes that "for Jean-Luc to be happy there must be something crooked about the deal." However, Godard's career long flaunting of copyright laws (by including unauthorized films clips and other references) receives applause from MacCabe, who makes a persuasive case that international copyright law must be significantly changed.
Lynch hangs out with a film community that includes documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick, maverick new waver Bruce McDonald and young directors like the recent Canadian Film Centre graduate Chris Grismer.
Seminal New Waver of the '60s went obscure for a decade and blasted back in the early '80s with "Passion," "First Name: Carmen," "Detective" and "Je vous salue, Marie"; retreated again into the arcane during the '90s; and then showed up directors half his age in the 2001 Cannes Competition with "In Praise of Love."
One-time Czech New Waver Jan Nemec gives himself a good raking over the coals in the autobiographical docu "Late Night Talks With Mother." Overlong, largely self-indulgent DV essay will be of curiosity value only to those who remember the director from his heyday.
Other archetypes attending the unimaginatively named John Hughes High School include Janey's Anthony Michael Hall-esque dweeb brother (Cody McMains) and his equally horny freshman sidekicks (Samm Levine, Sam Huntington); her just-like-Jon-Cryer-in-"Pretty in Pink" lovesick new waver best friend (Eric Jungmann); Jake's carnally predatory sister (Mia Kirshner); and an "American Pie"-style foreign exchange bombshell (Cerina Vincent).
This first movie in six years by '80s New Waver Ko Yi-cheng is his most mature and substantial work to date, and a refreshing change from the joyless, anally retentive pics that have marked much of Taiwan's production of the current decade.

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