New World coral snake

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Noun1.New World coral snake - any of several venomous New World snakes brilliantly banded in red and black and either yellow or white; widely distributed in South America and Central America
elapid, elapid snake - any of numerous venomous fanged snakes of warmer parts of both hemispheres
eastern coral snake, Micrurus fulvius - ranges from Central America to southeastern United States
Micruroides euryxanthus, western coral snake - ranges from Central America to southwestern United States
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Many of the venomous New World coral snakes (Micrurus and Micruroides) have a distinctive pattern of red, black, and yellow rings (Campbell and Lamar 1989; Savage and Slowinski 1992), which typically appear in the sequence red-yellow-black-yellow (the "tricolor monad" of Savage and Slowinski 1992) repeated multiple times on each snake.