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The New York school currently employs 156 people and will add two more within three years.
The deputy mayor also talked about the reallocation of school funding, pointing out how the New York School Construction Authority spends approximately $600-per-SF, or twice the national average.
That air of crusty glamour; that pneumatic, up-with-nature thing; that bold reinvention of the "ugly" female nude, the war-torn landscape, and the hydrocephalic male portrait of literary genius--all this made Dubuffet a living ancestor figure for artists and critics beginning to question the hegemony of the New York School and looking to Europe for alternatives.
She has been a guest speaker at the New York School of Interior Design and an adjunct faculty member at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
Of course, Jensen's goal was totally uncontemporary: a classic New York School search for correspondences, a hope to unite chronos and kairos, clock time and God time.
So far, Burdick, Shiffer, and their team have done projects for a wide range of clients, including the New York School Construction Authority, the New York Times, Sears, Sony Theaters, and New York University.
Called by Ted Berrigan "the last of the New York School poets," Myles has published twelve volumes of writing, including the cult classic Chelsea Girls (Black Sparrow Press, 1994), her first book of stories.
As far as her work was concerned, however, little could be discovered, at least in the relevant New York School literature.

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