New York Stock Exchange

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Noun1.New York Stock Exchange - a stock exchange in New YorkNew York Stock Exchange - a stock exchange in New York  
big board - the large display board at the New York Stock Exchange that reports on stocks traded on the exchange
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BRT, as a public mortgage REIT traded on the New York Stock Exchange (the company celebrated 15 years of being traded by ringing the Stock Exchange bell), significantly sets itself apart from the competition.
We were deeply honored that New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso and Exchange President William Johnston invited the DAV to participate in ceremonies closing the day's trading," Commander Steese said.
For Noreen Culhane -- who said for most of her career she didn't have a game plan -- it was an offer four years ago from the New York Stock Exchange to leave her management position with IBM.
In addition, "when issued" trading on the New York Stock Exchange in the common shares of each of Brookfield Properties Corporation and Brookfield Homes Corporation will begin on Jan.
the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, has said, "Each of the major stock exchanges not only has its own rules and regulations, but its own personality as well.

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