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n. pl. pas·tra·mis
A highly seasoned smoked cut of beef, usually taken from the shoulder.

[Yiddish pastrame, from Romanian pastramă, from Ottoman Turkish baṣdirma, salted and seasoned air-dried beef, equivalent to Modern Turkish pastırma, bastırma, from verbal noun of bastırmak, to press down, hold down, causative of basmak, to weigh upon, press (in reference to the pressing of the meat while curing it ), from Old Turkic basmaq.]


(Cookery) highly seasoned smoked beef, esp prepared from a shoulder cut
[from Yiddish, from Romanian pastramǎ, from pǎstra to preserve]


(pəˈstrɑ mi)

a brisket of beef cured in a mixture of seasonings and smoked before cooking.
[1935–40; < Yiddish pastrame < Romanian pastramă pressed, cured meat; a Balkanism of uncertain orig. (compare Modern Greek pastramâs, Serbo-Croatian pȁstrma)]
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Noun1.pastrami - highly seasoned cut of smoked beefpastrami - highly seasoned cut of smoked beef  
boeuf, beef - meat from an adult domestic bovine
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