New birth

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(Theol.) regeneration, or the commencement of a religious life.
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Big with new birth the belly heaves Beneath its screen of scented leaves; Past any doubt, the bull conceives!
that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.
That I could be present at the new birth of thy soul, and at thy bridal that would give us all such happiness!"
It was as if a new birth, with stronger assimilations than the first, had converted the forest-land, still so uncongenial to every other pilgrim and wanderer, into Hester Prynne's wild and dreary, but life-long home.
The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are the period of the European Renaissance or New Birth, one of the three or four great transforming movements of European history.
'She's got hold o' some inwention for grown-up people being born again, Sammy--the new birth, I think they calls it.
It is such grim, stony beings as these, I thought, who are the fathers of ancient faded children, in those tanned time-fretted dwellings that crowd the steep before me; who pay their court in the worn and crumbling pomp of the palace which stretches its monotonous length on the height; who worship wearily in the stifling air of the churches, urged by no fear or hope, but compelled by their doom to be ever old and undying, to live on in the rigidity of habit, as they live on in perpetual midday, without the repose of night or the new birth of morning.
Clouds veiled the sea again, and the long straggling wedge of air-ships rising and falling as they flew seemed like a flock of strange new births in a Chaos that had neither earth nor water but only mist and sky.
Senate bill seeks lifetime validity of birth certificates !-- -- MANILA, Philippines In a bid to end the practice of government and private offices requiring applicants for documents, jobs and services to submit new birth certificates, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto has filed a bill that seeks to make the document valid for a lifetime.
The new identity card (MyKad) and a new birth certificate were handed over by National Registration Department (NRD) director-general Datuk Ruslin Jusoh at Embong's house Kampung Lay Out Gerai here.
He covers our starting point as Americans: the American colonies; the substance of our common creed: the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution; the foundations of our government: the Constitution and the new nation; a new birth of freedom: slavery and the Civil War; we shall overcome: reconstruction, Jim Crow, and civil rights; the chief business of the American people: property and liberty; and beyond our borders: Native Americans and other foreign affairs.