New heart

(Theol.) a heart or character changed by the power of God, so as to be governed by new and holy motives.

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Both Dorothy and the Scarecrow had been greatly interested in the story of the Tin Woodman, and now they knew why he was so anxious to get a new heart.
The change is not in his external position," Countess Lidia Ivanovna said sternly, following with eyes of love the figure of Alexey Alexandrovitch as he got up and crossed over to Landau; "his heart is changed, a new heart has been vouchsafed him, and I fear you don't fully apprehend the change that has taken place in him.
Here some sort of ceremony was performed--that it was of a religious nature the girl was sure, and so she took new heart, and rejoiced that she had fallen among people upon whom the refining and softening influences of religion evidently had fallen.
I feel a new heart beating with the love of the new beauty.
So we went on for a few of those dark days, Raffles very glum and grim, till one fine morning the Yeomanry idea put new heart into us all.
Peter, now four, then suffered several brushes with death before his body finally accepted the new heart.
She received a new heart in 2007 but her body rejected it.
A transplant patient who died in jail after his body rejected his new heart had "probably" not been taking his medication, an inquest decided yesterday.
SIMI VALLEY - A 17-year-old Apollo High School student who had a successful heart transplant when he was 4 is waiting again for another new heart.
In February 1980, Professor Yacoub gave me my new heart and, since then, I have come on in leaps and bounds.
Though the Surgeon General has estimated that 3,000 passive smokers in the United States die from lung cancer each year, deaths due to secondhand smoke may climb another 30,000 if the new heart attack risk figures hold up, Kawachi says.