new world order

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new′ world′ or′der

n. (sometimes caps.)
the post-Cold War organization of international power in which nations tend to cooperate rather than foster conflict.
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Ultimately, this book is for casual readers who have a basic understanding of the concept of the New World Order and are curious to learn more.
It marks the transition and the emergence of a new world order in which there will be multiple power centers.
Iran's cultural heritage and its great civilization along with its independent seeking discourse rooted in the Islamic Revolution culture has increased the Iranian potentials to play a key role in the formation of new world order, the foreign minister underscored.
Steil (international economics, Council on Foreign Relations) concludes his introductory essay with these words: "This is the story of the rise and fall of Harry White's blueprint for a new world order, and the vestiges of that fall that we wrestle with today.
We have to work towards a fair new world order, the minister said.
In fact, the new world order - which has given the US the authority to intervene anywhere around the globe - has increased regional problems.
KIEREN FALLON was christened as a winner on the Kempton Polytrack when posting a double on New World Order and Luc Jordan.
A New World Order, Anne-Marie Slaughter (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004), 368 pp.
Smaller populations, not larger ones, are needed if the majority of people are to be able to find a role in this fast-emerging new world order.
One of these ecumenical Christian leaders, a layman named John Foster Dulles, who would play a profound role as an American statesman, came to human rights as the "soul" of the UN Charter that was fashioned in 1945 as the cornerstone for a new world order.
With a beautiful companion, Mabus must deal with his supernatural, superhuman nature while accepting his place as "Leader of the New World Order.
For example, the outwardly iconoclastic text of one of his characteristic wall paintings, TOTAL REVOLUTION, is in fact derived from a 1969 work by Lee Lozano, while its dashed-off look is actually produced using a computer-designed stencil, suggesting a distinctly studied, consciously aestheticized take on the imaging of a New World Order.