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Noun1.Newari - Himalayish language spoken in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal
Himalayish - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Tibet and Nepal and Bhutan and Sikkim
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Nepalų bhasaNevarų kalba
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Another protester, Deepak Gyawali, also told ANI: "I am a Brahmin by caste but I grew up in Kathmandu in the Newari community.
While most Nepali-Canadians celebrated Dashain, as well as Tihar (the Nepali variant of the South Asian festival of Deepwali), more specific caste or ethnic religious festivals were celebrated by diverse Nepali-Canadian groups; the Newari festivals of Mha Puja and Yomari, for example are organized by the Canadian Newa Guthi in the GTA, and Losar, the Tibetan New Year is celebrated by some Janajati (indigenous and non-Hindu) organizations and the Sherpa community.
The Nepali teachers were glad to share photos and stories of how they celebrated their Newari Culture.
Prinsepia utilis (Newari name: toshibu) (left) and Edgeworthia gardeneri (Newari name: bamutswa) (right), painted in Nairanhetty, Nepal, January 1803, by Haludar.
The Old Newari script of this palm-leaf manuscript (Kiss's MS A) is extremely difficult to decipher in and of itself; the Sanskrit, which Kiss qualifies as "extremely non-standard, non-Paninian, or extremely Ais'a" (even if, "it sometimes falls back to perfectly standard Paninian language for fairly long passages" [p.
Although Pollock's book does not focus particularly on historical writing, it is possible to glean from it some examples of late medieval and early modern South Asian historiography in a variety of vernaculars, for example, the Kannada adaptation of the Mahabharata epic ([phrase omitted]) entitled Vikramarjunavijaya ([phrase omitted]) by the poet Pampa ([phrase omitted] 902-975), the Newari royal genealogy Gopalarajavamsavali ([phrase omitted], late fourteenth century), the Telugu martial epic Palnativiracaritra ([phrase omitted]) by the poet Srinathudu ([phrase omitted], c.
Reports said local villagers had gathered on Thursday evening at the house of Sudhir Kumar Pappu, a resident of Newari village in Saran district, to attend the wedding of his niece Kiran Kumari, when he announced the unusual gift.
Rajendra Shrestha of the Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal was clad in Haku Patasi, traditional Newari wear while others were seen in Shrepa and Tamang clad.
Over thirty Nepalese poets participated in the inaugural edition of Poemandu, reciting their poems in Nepali, Hindi, Newari, Maithili, English, Awadhi, Urdu, Bhojpuri among other languages.
From postposition to subordinator in Newari. In Traugott, Elizabeth Closs & Bernd Heine (eds.) Approaches to grammaticalization, Vol.