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 (no͞o′kăs′əl, nyo͞o′-)
1. or Newcastle upon Tyne (tīn) A city of northeast England on the Tyne River north of Leeds. Founded as a Roman military station, it became a coal-shipping port in the 1200s. Its prominence in the trade gave rise to the expression to carry coals to Newcastle, meaning "to do something superfluous or unnecessary."
2. A city of southeast Australia northeast of Sydney. Like the English city for which it was named, it is a coal-shipping port.


(Placename) a port in SE Australia, in E New South Wales near the mouth of the Hunter River: important industrial centre, with extensive steel, metalworking, engineering, shipbuilding, and chemical industries. It suffered Australia's first recorded fatal earthquake, in 1989. Pop: 279 975 (2001)


(Biography) Duke of, the title of Thomas Pelham Holles. 1693–1768, English Whig prime minister (1754–56; 1757–62): brother of Henry Pelham


(ˈnuˌkæs əl, -ˌkɑ səl, ˈnyu-)

1. Also called New′cas•tle-up•on`-Tyne′. a seaport in NE England, on the Tyne River: coal center. 283,600.
2. a seaport in E New South Wales, in SE Australia. 429,300.
carry coals to Newcastle, to provide something already present in abundance.
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Noun1.Newcastle - a port city in northeastern England on the River TyneNewcastle - a port city in northeastern England on the River Tyne; a center for coal exports (giving rise to the expression `carry coals to Newcastle' meaning to do something unnecessary)
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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