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1. a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland
2. (Placename) the island of Newfoundland


(ˈnu fi, ˈnyu-)

Chiefly Canadian Informal. a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland.
[1955–60; Newf (oundland) + -ie]
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Although hunts are based out of remote outpost camps, each cabin features outstanding accommodations: hearty homemade meals with the likes of parsnip puffs and cod au gratin--the latter a classic Newfie dish--and guides who go the extra mile to ensure hunters have the best chance to come home with a bull.
The former Cage Warriors middleweight champion faces off against Ryan Janes tomorrow but after holding his own in sparring with some of the sport's greatest fighters, he reckons the Newfie veteran will be way out of his depth.
Newfie is a Canadian term for a person who is culturally a Newfoundlander.
Media, anecdotes, and Newfie jokes portray Newfoundlanders as uneducated, poor, primitive labourers--the gypsies of Canada.
It, also, presents a number of topics, such as out-migration, hunting rights, Newfie jokes, fairies, even the extinction of the Beothuk, all briefly noted, like a checklist of provincial concern.
This is the oldest street in all of North America, yet my cabbie, a born and bred Newfie, has a formidable Irish brogue and out of the window I can see plenty of shamrocks and Irish music bars.
The coyote has too many political enemies, and the average Newfie is a canine William Howard Taft on the scales and has too much hair.
18) In recent decades, one might argue that it is the seal hunt--over and above even the Canadian institution of the Newfie joke (19)--that has made many Newfoundlanders acutely sensitive to the politics of representation, who speaks for whom, and who has access to the resources necessary for cultural production and communication.
You cannot argue with an ideologue on a Newfie tear.
This summer's agenda includes He'd Be Your Mother's Father's Cousin, by Mary-Colin Chisholm, and Newfie playwright Robert Chafe's Tempting Providence (in photo), about nurse Myra Bennett, the "Florence Nightingale of the North," who, as sole medical aide, tended to the ill around 350 miles of rugged coastline for more than 50 years.
The four Eastern premiers were led by the wise-cracking Newfie Danny Williams, 57 ("We want to be just like Alberta when we grow up").