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1. a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland
2. (Placename) the island of Newfoundland


(ˈnu fi, ˈnyu-)

Chiefly Canadian Informal. a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland.
[1955–60; Newf (oundland) + -ie]
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It isn't always used in a complimentary way, as Newfies are considered not only geographically on the fringe but on the fringe in many other ways as well.
This has lead to Newfies abandoning their homeland, and Jennifer Bowering Delisle analyzes the impact this had had on Canadian culture as these once isolated people have blended more strongly with the rest of the country.
Newfies are a little known-breed in the UK, but we are dedicated to keeping them active doing the things they were bred for.
Also known as Newfies, the Canadian dogs are famous for their thick coats and webbed feet.
This will mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War in which two Newfies, Corporals Le Moine and Pelley, earned a Military Medal with the Regiment.
Whenever I present my research interests to new people (both Newfoundlanders and non-Newfoundlanders) I often get the response: "I love Newfies.
Water work equipment includes a special harness that has rings attached for people to grab in rescue exercises by Newfies, while the PWDs use a tracking-style harness to ensure that the dog doesn't get choked while working.
For years the British had the Irish, the French the Belgians, Americans take the lift out of the Canadians who in turn have a dig at the Newfies.
The Newfies tell the same jokes about themselves and they are part of the self-image of a rural tourist area.
In Canada, an entire nation feels smug and superior when stereotypes of quaint, unsophisticated Newfies - Newfoundlanders - inspire uproarious laughter.
Americans laugh at Poles, Canadians laugh at Newfies (Newfoundlanders) and Irish laugh at Kerrymen.