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New·found·land 1

 (no͞o′fən-lənd, -lănd′, -fənd-, nyo͞o′-)
An island of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, in the Atlantic Ocean east of the Labrador Peninsula.

New′found·land·er n.

New·found·land 2

 (no͞o′fən-lənd, nyo͞o′-)
A dog of a large, strong breed developed in Newfoundland to aid fishermen, having a thick, usually black coat.


(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland


(ˈnu fən lən dər, -ˌlæn-, -fənd-, ˈnyu-)

a native or inhabitant of Newfoundland.


[ˈnjuːfəndləndəʳ] Nhabitante mf de Terranova


nNeufundländer(in) m(f)
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Bank law strictly forbids more than one hook on one line when the dories are on the Virgin or the Eastern Shoals; but so close lay the boats that even single hooks snarled, and Harvey found himself in hot argument with a gentle, hairy Newfoundlander on one side and a howling Portuguese on the other.
As a Newfoundlander with a common touch and a Stanley Cup ring, Matt is pursued by businesses and the federal Conservative Party.
In recognition of the place that battle holds in the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador, and marking its 100th anniversary, Opera on the Avalon has commissioned a new work by composer John Estacio and librettist Robert Chafe, a Newfoundlander himself Ours doesn't try to recount the Beaumont-Hamel battle itself, but is built around the story of the regiments Catholic chaplain, Thomas Nangle (the role to be created by baritone Brett Polegato).
Caption: Danielle Sheypuk, Danielle Maczynski, and Sebhia Dibra wear Topo Designs, Alternative Apparel, and Nicola and the Newfoundlander
Newfie is a Canadian term for a person who is culturally a Newfoundlander.
In Michael Crummey's novel, Sweetland, a Newfoundlander named Queenie offers some literary criticism.
But it is a pejorative ethnic label like so many others and says something about what it still means to be a Newfoundlander, how it continues to be an ethnicity, a source of pride, and a source of discrimination.
Who was the first Newfoundlander to be awarded the Victoria Cross?
Her research is on class, migration, and Newfoundlander diaspora in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
I set out to learn about Newfoundland firsthand and write about my experience without pretending to be a born-and-bred Newfoundlander.
10) To he a Newfoundlander is to know someone who has left Newfoundland, either for long-term or seasonal/cyclical migration through work, or through more continuously mobile forms of work, i.
To become a proper Newfoundlander I had to be 'Screeched In'.

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