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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: media - newspapers and magazines collectively
print media - a medium that disseminates printed matter
Fleet Street - British journalism
photojournalism - journalism that presents a story primarily through the use of pictures
tabloid, yellow journalism, tab - sensationalist journalism
copy - material suitable for a journalistic account; "catastrophes make good copy"
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com/wsMlXac5wZ - Gulf News Business (@GulfNewsBiz) November 3, 2017 What it's like to be first person in Dubai to buy the #iPhoneX #celebrity pic.
Although Sorkin's snappy dialogue earned its usual high praise, many critics with knowledge of the news business felt the program fell wholly short of its promise to offer an insider's look at the dysfunctional culture of 24-hour news.
The thinking here is that the snowballing of this kind of consumer sentiment will spur even greater audience fragmentation, and those in the news business looking to remain in business will respond by offering a greater array of more narrowly focused niche publications, Websites and TV outlets.
Key credit strengths include promoter group experience in the news broadcasting industry, strong brand, state-of-art technology and infrastructure, well diversified advertiser base and adequate liquidity position at group level to support fund requirement of the company's news business.
In the news business, you're always scrutinized, both inside [the newsroom] and out," says Lenoir.
They're in the news business, while the Insider is really in the know-how business.
It also muddies his basic point, which is that we have lost something important with the transition from thoughtful Reston-style journalism to the shout culture of the news business today.
Faxes concerning AIDS Treatment News business should be sent to this number starting now; press releases and other general faxes should be switched to email and sent to jjames@dnai.
Mary had long been exposed to the news business through her father, KMPC radio newscaster, Paul "Panther" Pierce.
Though there are spirited exceptions on both sides of the aisle, politics today is played by a professional class not unlike some shortsighted MBAs who run the corporations and the politically correct news business.